Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Photo Contest

Enter for a chance to win a Lenovo Yoga!

Entry info

Eligibility/Entry period

Entries are open to worldwide Corning employees and contract workers who have an employee ID.

October 21 to December 15, 2019

How to enter

Submit a single photo along with the registration form via email to The file name of the photo should be one of the categories listed below.

Example: architecture.jpg


Animals/architecture/automobiles/food/festival & celebration/nature & landscape/portrait/sports/travel/others (please specify)


Submission is limited to ONE photo in landscape format, with a 3:2 ratio and must be an original image in jpeg. or jpg. format. Also, the PPI of the photo must be greater than 250. (PPI= pixel size-width /12.6; e.g.: width: 3150, PPI=3150/12.6=250) There are no time-based restrictions for photo submissions.


All digital files must be at least 2 megabytes, but no more than 15 megabytes. Photos can be taken by any digital device.

Judging Criteria

A judging panel includes external and professional photographers.
All eligible entries will be reviewed based on the following criteria: creativity (40%), photographic quality (30%), and photographic skills (30%). The judges will collectively select all 20 winners based on the criteria noted above.


We will announce the top 20 winners and 20 lucky draw winners on January 30, 2020.

Top 1-5 contest winners

Lenovo Yoga Notebook with submitted photo printed on the cover. (Top 5 prize is subject to the availability from OEM. Gorilla team reserves right to substitute the top 5 prize.)

6-20 contest winners

Gorilla Glass Wireless Charger with a gorilla image printed on it.

Special prize

(20 winners will be selected by random draw)

Gorilla Glass Wireless Charger with a gorilla image printed on it.


No. 1

Daniel Schultz

No. 2

Yong (Denny) Zhao

No. 3

Wilfried Duvivier

No. 4

Sebastian Buser

No. 5

Kyle Hufziger

No. 6

Earle Gillis

No. 7

Niranjan Thontadarya

No. 8

Junru Zeng

No. 9

Anna Sowinska-olankiewicz

No. 10

Ye-lim Jang

No. 11

Wei Xu

No. 12

Runrun Shi

No. 13

David Weidman

No. 14

Steve Abulhuda

No. 15

Caroline Boctor-Gorgi

No. 16

Ki-No Park

No. 17

Patrick Skinner

No. 18

Hung-I Chao

No. 19

Yong Xin Yaw

No. 20

Wei Cheng Chen

People's Choice Award Winner

Yong (Denny) Zhao


Can I submit prints?

Unfortunately, no. Photographs for this contest are submitted from all over the world and we need to apply the same standard for all submissions.

Why are there many limitations on photo format?

Winners’ submissions are going to be printed on the cover of the notebook with Vibrant Corning® Gorilla® Glass. We need images to fit within a specific print quality and format in order to deliver the best final product.

Can I submit a work that was shot at any time?

Yes. As long as the entry meets within the following parameters:

  • The entry holds all rights to the image submitted and that it is the original photo.
  • The entry has permission from any individuals appearing in the photo to use their image.
  • The submitted photo is in compliance with the Corning Incorporated Photography Policy.

When and how are the results announced?

We will contact the top 20 winners and 20 lucky draw winners on January 30, 2020 via email. The winner of People’s choice will be announced on Corning World Online and the Corning Blue Liners Group page on 17th February, 2020.